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Trudi Monteath
Trudi Monteath
After being strung along by other companies for months, I decided to reach out to Glenn and his team. Not only did they give practical advice but were able to help remove dangerous branches and clean up the overgrown jungle that was my backyard. I really appreciate all the help I got from the team as well as the quick turnaround. Highly recommend this company! Best on the Coast!
Survival Gardener
Survival Gardener
Thanks Glenn, The boys did a great job removing a wattle overhanging my house. Professional job, prompt service, no mess, great price and follow up phone call to make sure I was happy with the work. Perfect
Jon Morris
Jon Morris
We had Glenn and his team out at our property today removing a few trees and trimming back some others. I was very impressed by the professionalism, equipment, and their attention to detail. One large palm unfortunately needed to come down as it had significant rot at the base, making it quite dangerous. As soon as we received council approval, Glenn and his team came out within a couple of days. Five stars from us and we will be using their services in the future.
Quick and efficient team, reasonably priced too.
Renata Jones
Renata Jones
Glenn and his team are very quick to respond to all enquires. They are very professional and thorough with their work. Very respectful and friendly. Great giving advise and further referral if other things needed to be done that is out of their job description. thank you so much!
Karen Whelan
Karen Whelan
Excellent job, quick clean and professional removal of palms and trees and stump grinding, would use Glenn again. Thoroughly recommend to anyone. We have used Glenn on numerous occasions over many years. Professional Tree Works says it all, every job we have had done has been carried out in a professional, safe and expert manner. From palm removals, large tree removals to garden cleanups, stump grinding we have had it done. We would thoroughly recommend Glenn from Professional Tree Works, he is so easy to deal with. They do a great job of cleaning up after the work is done, all rubbish is removed from site and left neat and tidy. Oh and another good thing he does return your calls and can be relied upon to do a great job. 2018 2022 Job well done again by Glen and his team... these guys work hard and very good value for money spent. They have first class equipment and attention to detail is excellent. Would thoroughly recommend for any tree removal work.
Alisha Gazsik
Alisha Gazsik
I can’t recommend Glenn and his team enough! They got the job done quickly, are friendly, professional and left my property clean and tidy afterwards. Thank you so much for making a big job appear so easy and effortless. The best on the coast for sure!
I had Glenn and his team come out and take out some palm's. They were professional, clean and had all the gear. Price was reasonable, I had quoted around and was messed around by a few of the other local companies, With Glenn it was easy, I just sent him a few photos of the job and he was able to quote from that. If you are after a good price and professional workmanship these are your guys .
Mike Payne
Mike Payne
We had a very large & dead Gum tree in a small court yard, a job that most companies would not want to take on. Glen & the team were able to climb & remove this tree with ease, there price was very fair & there professional service from start to finish was 10 out of 10. We would highly recommend them to everyone.


We are very proud to announce that Professional Tree Works were awarded 'Best Full-Time Arboriculture Business - tree trimming Gold Coast' at the recent 2021 AI Global Media Corporate Vision Small Business Awards. 

We are a friendly and professional tree removal company, located on the Gold Coast. Our range of services includes tree lopping, stump grinding and mulching and more, providing a full suite of services.

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Knowledgable Tree Removalists Gold Coast


Our arborists provide you with the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your trees. They help you understand the full picture and give accurate advice. 

Professional Tree Removalists Gold Coast


We want you to feel confident and reassured when you encounter our team for the first time. You can trust us to provide quality service on the Gold Coast that's unmatched by other companies.

Trustable Tree Removalists Gold Coast


We're dedicated to providing prompt, reliable, and courteous service. We arrive on time and we finish the job with care and respect for your property.

All trees may require different treatment and methods.
Consider getting an expert to assess your situation and determine the best course of action.

Additional Services

Advanced Tree Removal Techniques

At Professional Tree Works, our advanced tree removal techniques ensure the utmost safety and efficiency. We understand that each tree removal job is unique, requiring a tailored approach to address specific challenges. Our team of certified arborists employs state-of-the-art equipment and follows strict safety protocols, ensuring your property is protected throughout the process. This dedication to excellence means you receive reliable service with minimal disruption.

Expert Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree stumps can be more than just an eyesore—they can attract pests and pose safety risks. Our expert stump grinding and removal services eliminate these concerns, enhancing both the beauty and safety of your landscape. Using advanced stump grinding equipment, we effectively remove stumps of all sizes, leaving your property clean and ready for your next project. This service not only improves the aesthetics of your yard but also prevents potential hazards.

Specialised Palm Tree Services

Palm trees are a stunning addition to any landscape but require specialised care due to their unique growth patterns and maintenance needs. Our palm tree services include precise trimming to maintain their health and appearance, safe removal of overgrown or hazardous palms, and comprehensive health assessments to prevent diseases. With Professional Tree Works, your palms will receive the expert attention they deserve, ensuring they thrive and enhance your property’s beauty.

Efficient Land Clearing Solutions

Whether you’re planning a new construction project or need to clear overgrown areas, our efficient land clearing solutions are designed to meet your needs. We provide comprehensive clearing services that include the removal of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, preparing your site for development or landscaping. Our team uses the latest equipment to ensure a thorough and quick clearing process, helping you stay on schedule and within budget.

Save Yourself The Hassle.

Gold Coast tree removal is demanding and time-consuming, especially when you don’t have professional tools at your service. Instead of focusing on your work or simply enjoying your free time, you will spend several hours doing hard and dangerous work.




Emergency Services


Rated Arborist

Gold Coast Council Tree Removal Application Guide

If you want to remove trees on the Gold Coast then you need to receive council approval

The reason is simple, the Vegetation Management Code handles the tree and vegetation preservation within the city. We love trees and it would be terrible if everyone decided to cut down all of the trees on their property. The idea is to protect all vegetation found in private as well as freehold lands. Tree removal in Gold Coast is possible only if you get council approval, and it’s a good idea to understand what that includes. If you are unsure if you need a permit, keep on reading or you can give us a call and we will happily help you.


Our focus for tree removal on the Gold Coast is to provide professional, safe, and efficient tree-cutting services while maintaining the highest quality standards. Whether you need to remove a hazardous tree that poses a risk to your property or simply want to clear space for new landscaping, our experienced team of arborists is equipped to handle all types of tree removal projects. We prioritise safety and precision, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Additionally, we understand the importance of preserving the beauty and health of your landscape, which is why we take great care to minimise any disruption to your surroundings. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we also provide thorough clean-up services, leaving your property spotless and ready for your next project. Trust us to deliver exceptional tree removal services that exceed your expectations and enhance the safety and aesthetics of your property.

Our tree removal services are designed to address various challenges, from removing storm-damaged trees to clearing space for construction projects. We offer personalised assessments to determine the best approach for each tree, ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken to protect your property. With over 30 years of experience, our team has the expertise to handle even the most complex tree removal jobs efficiently and safely.

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Gold Coast Council approval to cut down trees on your own property
Council Tree Removal is possible whenever you need to damage or remove any protected vegetation. As long as you send the application and it’s approved, you will have no problem completing this process as fast as possible. Alternatively, once you have your application approved, you can contact us for your tree removal needs. That being said, there are some things to keep in mind here. The tree location, size, and condition are pivotal for this entire process.

It’s also important to know some other factors here such as the tree species, its height, and the trunk circumference, as well as the distance from your home or any other structure out there. Every little detail counts here. Trees can be dangerous if proper precautions are not used. If there are any dead branches, that could potentially fall and harm someone, it is important to take proper action.

The following vegetation and tree removal checklist provide guidance where vegetation damage will be considered accepted development which can be undertaken without the City’s approval and does not require an application for Operational Works (Vegetation Clearing), or in other words an application to remove or damage the vegetation. Residents must note that any vegetation clearing must not result in harm to native wildlife. Where native wildlife is present in vegetation to be removed, it is recommended that a licensed spotter catcher be employed to oversee the removal works.

Gold Coast Vegetation and Tree removal Application checklist

  1. Previously approved Landscape Plan over your property
  2. Damage/removal of vegetation along an existing property boundary fence, or a proposed new fence.
  3. Damage/removal of vegetation that is close to a building?
  4. Damage/Removal of vegetation that is close to my pool fence?
  5. Removal/damage of vegetation that is part of the native under storey?
  6. Does the vegetation require removal because it is interfering with the lawful operation of an established agricultural business or animal husbandry business?
  7. Is the tree hazardous and/or dangerous?
  8. Does the vegetation fit within the Pest Species definition?

Gold Coast Tree removal permit assessment
You will need a permit if you answer yes to any of the following questions, the appropriate application will be required to be submitted to the City for assessment.

  • Is the vegetation greater than 4 metres in height; or
  • Is the vegetation equal to, or in excess of 40 centimetres in girth (circumference) measured at 1.4 metres above the ground level; or
  • Is the vegetation remnant vegetation and its native under-storey as identified on the Vegetation Management Overlay Map; or
  • Is the vegetation disturbed/re-growth/wetland vegetation and its native under-storey as identified on the Vegetation Management Overlay Map

Once you know the type of tree you are working with and the reason why you need it removed, it’s important to understand the gold coast city council tree preservation document. Every neighbourhood and region comes with its own set of rules when it comes to tree removal on the Gold Coast. The TPO will let you know if you really need to file the application or not, so try to keep that in mind if possible.

General Tree removal Tips
You need to make sure that the council tree removal application is complete, otherwise, it will not be accepted. If you need to submit anything else, that will cost extra. .Again, working with a professional is the right approach because you can access all the necessary services and spend much less than you would imagine.

Normally the council will require you to plant another tree once you remove a tree from your property. A good arborist will be able to provide you with proper assistance in such a situation. The idea is to know exactly what you are getting into and focus on getting the best results. Our company offers outstanding tree removal services, so if you have a council approval, you should consider getting in touch with us. We are always here to help, and we offer high-quality services at a very good price!

Here are some more Tree Council Applications & Resources to assist you
The below resources will assist you in Tree Council Applications and many other resources to help you plan and execute your tree services requirements. Tree Clearing applications start at $240 for 1-30 Trees (see Information Sheet Prices) and need to be submitted to:

PO Box 5042

Gold Coast MC

QLD 9729

Ph 1300 465 326

Please download any of these documents you like and contact us for any additional information.

D.a Form 1 & Site Plan for Tree Works

Information pricelist for D.A Approval

Gold Coast City Council Guidelines for Tree Removal and Damage  (Clearer explanation below)

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • If your lot size is less than 4000m2 and the tree is more than 1.5m* from the boundary of your property you need council approval.
  • If your lot size is between 4000m2 and 7999m2 and the tree is more than 3m* from the boundary of your property you need council approval.
  • If your lot size is more than 7999m2 and the tree is more than 6m* from the boundary of your property you need council approval.

*Measured from the CENTRE of the tree

  • If your lot size is less than 8000m2 and the tree is more than 3m* from a building you need council approval.
  • If your lot size is 8000m2 or larger and the tree is more than 10m* from a building you need council approval.

*Measured from the CENTRE of the tree

If the tree is more than 1.5m* from a pool fence you need council approval.

*Measured from the CENTRE of the tree

  • If the tree is NOT defined as a prohibited or restricted invasive biosecurity matter under the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014 you will need council approval.*
  • If the tree is NOT one of the following plant species, you will need council approval:*
    • Cocos Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana)
    • Coral Tree (Erythrina variegata, Erythrina crista-galli & Erythrinasykesii)
    • Cadaghi (Corymbia torelliana)
    • Slash Pine (Pinus elliotii)
    • Umbrella Tree (Schefflera actinophylla)

    *Must be determined by an authorised Level 3 Arborist

  • If the tree is NOT potentially hazardous to dwellings, persons, or surrounding property you will need council approval.*

*Must be assessed by an authorised Level 5 Arborist

If no approved Bushfire Management Plan exists for the site; and the site is located in a Bushfire Hazard Area as identified on Bushfire Hazard Overlay Map, removal to assessable vegetation is permitted if it is:

  • within 10m of the dwelling house (inner zone),
  • native understorey vegetation (including any branches less than 2m above ground level) for a further 10m (outer zone); and
  • located on a sloping site, the outer zone can be increased by:
    • a maximum of 1 metre for every degree of slope, down slope of the dwelling house;
    • a maximum of half a metre for every degree of slope, upslope of the dwelling house.
Fire Hazard Overlay Map 1
Figure 9.4.14-1
Illustration showing Vegetation management outcomes for fire safety
Fire Hazard Overlay Map 1
Figure 9.4.14-2
Illustration showing Vegetation management outcomes for fire safety

  • If the tree is on lawfully established agricultural land and within 60m of the high bank of a major waterway you need council approval.
  • If the tree is on lawfully established agricultural land and within 30m of the high bank of all other waterways identified on the Environmental significance – wetlands and waterways overlay map you need council approval.
  • If the tree is on land that has a slope of less than 25% you will need council approval.

  • If the tree is native, located under the shade of larger trees and your lot size is 1000m2 or more you will need council approval.

'Damage' = lopping, trimming, stump grinding, and removing trees.

Damage to assessable vegetation will NOT occur in areas where the vegetation:

  • Provides habitats for threatened plants and animals
  • The tree is of historical, cultural or visual significance
  • Protects against erosion and provides stability for slopes
  • The Tree is necessary to maintain the character of the local area
  • The Tree assists in the conservation of the city's biodiversity.


Our professional tree removal Gold Coast services, come with a strict Safe Work method Statement and a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) conducted at every job site prior to works commencing, minimising any potential damage to property of injury to any persons (both the client and/or team members).

  • Professional Tree Works Pty Ltd operates strictly in accordance with workplace health and safety regulations.
  • Specialist tree works include service to Body Corporate, authorities, organisations, commerce and industry.
  • Rural or residential problem trees and storm damage specialists.

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