Tree removal and tree pruning are some of the most common and most dangerous tree services. We cannot stress enough how dangerous it can be. A falling branch can cause serious injury or damage to your property. The whole process of removing a tree can be very unsafe if you are lacking experience and specialised equipment. Using a Gold Coast tree services professional who has the proper tree care equipment is a more affordable solution than sourcing the necessary equipment yourself and wasting your time on work that you are not trained for.

Professional Tree Works Gold Coast has the skilled staff and equipment needed to complete large or small tree trimming and cutting jobs safe and fast. For those taller trees and tricker locations, we can get the job done right with the Versa Lift EWP Cherry Picker. This cherry picker is quick to set up, easy to operate, lighter and more compact which allows greater efficiency when positioning operators in between branches. Versalift EWP main design features include high tensile steel, filament wound high strength fibreglass booms, lower boom insulation inserts, full fibreglass rotating baskets, minimal tail swing and single hand unitrol lever controls.


Here are the main benefits of utilising the Versa Lift EWP Cherry Picker:

The Versalift truck-mounted EWPs are renowned in the utilities and vegetation industry due to their safety and precision unparalleled by similar equipment. Our staff can reach heights without risking their safety and with excellent productivity at the same time.

Versalift products are extremely reliable and rarely need spare parts.
When such parts are required, they are immediately available, which aids in limiting any downtime and keeping our cherry picker up and running for any job that may arise.

The Versa Lift Cherry Picker is the preferred of Gold Coast tree services as it is equipped with a master and slave cylinder arrangement that automatically levels the platform in all boom positions.
Our workers will be able to reach any spot for you within 10.5 metres due to the hydraulic platform tilt that adjusts the platform level.


Professional Tree Works staff have all undertaken the necessary training to operate the Versa Lift EWP Cherry Picker including completing Aerial rescue drills. We continually train ourselves and our team members so that we can offer the best services to any client.

All our equipment is regularly serviced to comply with Queensland health and safety laws, including the Versa Lift EWP Cherry Picker. Our workers are always protected with the correct tree climbing gear and use professional arborist supplies. Our team at Pro Tree Works uses every piece of professional tree care equipment needed to maintain the vegetation on your property, from ropes to spurs and stump grinding machines. Our double focus on trained personnel and professional equipment allows us to handle any tree job, no matter how small or big, and at any time of the day and night.

For the perfect trimming of your trees and safe tree stump removal gold coast, call Professional Tree Works the Gold Coast tree services experts that are equipped with the Versalift EWP Cherry Picker. This piece of equipment provides access to spots impossible to reach without professional equipment; combined with the skills and experience of our arborists, you are provided with the best solution for completing a tree job safe and fast. Call us now for a free quote at 0412 666 682

Versa Lift Ewp Cherry Picker


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