Whether you need to prune branches or remove a tree there are many reasons why you should employ a professional Gold Coast tree lopper as opposed to doing the task yourself. Not only do they have professional experience and training in safety procedures but also the correct tree stump removal equipment. Tree lopping requires more than a chainsaw and a rope.

If you do not have the right tools, you could potentially damage your property or injure somebody before you even put a dent in the job.

Pro Tree Works has the right equipment and machinery to get the job done effectively and efficiently, with one of our most reliable and useful tools being the Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader.

As the market leader, this lightweight, manoeuvrable mini loader packs unmatched strength and reach for the ultimate working advantage. Here are the main benefits of utilising the Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader.

Easy Operation – The effortless traction control of Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader is easy to control; the operator’s hands are free so they can focus on ground speed and attachment positioning.

Powerful Engine - The Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader is powered by a Kubota® D1305 diesel, Tier-4 compliant engine featuring high torque. It is the strongest compact utility loader yet and the hardest worker on the Australian market!

Multiple Functions – The Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader comes with a wide range of attachments that operators can safely change in under a minute which improves overall productivity.


Excellent traction in loose sand and mud – Toro mini loader is equipped with a full-time track system; this option disperses weight with less pressure across the ground, which makes this machine the best choice for loose surfaces such as dirt. The tracks are reinforced with Kevlar for extended life and resilience.

Low Maintenance – The Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader’s traction system has an open design that is self-cleaning and prevents the collection of sand, rocks, mud, and debris.

Increased Load Capacity - The Toro TX 1000 Mini Loader is the preferred of most tree lopper Gold Coast professionals due to its ability to lift more than any compact utility loader on the market, both on a narrow and wide track.

When you consider all the associated issues and costs of tree lopping services gold coast and attempting DIY tree maintenance, hiring a professional is simply the most effective and efficient solution. By enlisting the services of a professional Tree Lopper Gold Coast from Professional Tree Works you are investing in the best care for your home!

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