Wood chipping is an essential part of the tree services we provide as it allows us to break down the green waste created from tree lopping, removing or pruning trees.

As an environmentally friendly green waste solution, instead of sending it straight to the tip, we convert the wood chips into mulch for residential and commercial gardens.

Mulch helps with moisture retention and temperature moderation that suppress weeds and provides increased beneficial soil micro-organisms and general visual appeal. To provide a fast, efficient Gold Coast Mulching service to our customers, it requires the very best chipper.

The Bandit Wood Chipper 150 XPC is a compact chipper that assists us in breaking down green waste created during any of our services. This beast uses proven components from Bandit’s 12” and 18” chippers to create a strong machine that is up to any challenge. It provides the following benefits:


Bandit Wood Chipper 150 XPC is extremely easy to service and maintain. The machine’s knives are easy to access and change, which reduces equipment downtime so we are able to assist you anytime.

Tree waste processed incredibly fast – The proprietary disc designs along with the easy transition from chipper housing to discharge spot makes it possible to discharge chips at maximum velocity.

Powerful Dual Feed Wheel System – Bandit Wood Chipper 150 XPC comes with two horizontal hydraulic feed wheels equipped with 15-½ cubic inch hydraulic motors for maximum efficiency. Operators can feed the machine both with large diameter materials and multiple stems. The feed wheels provide direct down pressure that helps pull in and compress large limbs that would otherwise need extra trimming beforehand. This means a faster and more efficient service for our customers who need Tree Mulching Gold Coast services.


A heavy duty, red control bar is installed on the three sides of the infeed hopper, while the optional bottom bump bar enables the operator to stop the feed mechanism in case of emergency. The sided infeed tray allows the operator to feed the machine without being too close to the moving parts of the machine, while also being protected by materials which could flick against their legs.

Plus No Long Interruptions!

An inspection door in the discharge area enables the operator to check for problems and safely remove material that may have been caught in the chute.

Bandit Wood Chipper 150 Xpc


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All of Professional Tree Work employees have been trained and sign off on how to safely use the Bandit Wood Chipper 150 XPC. We also complete a daily start up safety procedure ensuring the machine is fully functional and safe to use.

You can see the Bandit Wood Chipper 150 XPC in action by calling to Pro Tree Works for Tree Mulching Gold Coast services. All our equipment is serviced regularly and complies with Queensland health and safety laws. Our trained personal uses professional tree care equipment that allows us to handle any job, no matter how big or small.

The Professional Tree Works Pty Ltd outfit is covered by 20 million public liability insurance, and is experienced and compliant with OH&S legislation applying to all Gold Coast tree removal providers. By calling to our services you your trees will be in excellent condition without putting your safety at risk or causing disruption to your daily activities. For all of your Tree Mulching Gold Coast needs, contact us today for a free quote!