Gold Coast tree removal services and tree pruning on the gold coast are some of the most common and, at the same time, most dangerous tree services. These activities require both strength and precision, not to mention the need to implement the latest safety standards and hazard prevention.

While tree pruning has been a do-it-yourself job for a long time, Gold Coast tree removal services require specialist equipment and expertise. Currently, Gold Coast residents can call to reliable and professional tree services like The Professional Tree Works, which will take care of the matter fast and in safe conditions.

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Removing a damaged tree from your property is no easy job. Aside from taking the tree down without jeopardising your house and its annexes, you’ll have to clean fallen branches and eliminate the tree stump as well.

Why work several days in a row and end up with a damaged lawn and body aches when you could entrust this task to experts? They will leave the place looking impeccable as if that old tree damaged by the last storm had never been there.


Gold Coast tree removal and pruning require arboriculture expertise, expensive professional equipment, safety guidelines knowledge, aesthetic sense and lots of hard work. The good news is that you don’t need to compromise your personal safety just to keep your yard or building premises well-ordered and pleasing to the eye.

The Gold Coast tree removal & consultancy services offered by Professional Tree Works will provide you with a convenient solution for every tree!

Tree pruning is equally challenging to non-professionals, and it has an even larger impact on your property if not done correctly. With tree pruning, you don’t only have to respect safety guidelines, but you’ll also need to know how much, when, and where to cut from. Otherwise, the surroundings of your building will look unsightly, and the trees will be affected by unsustainable growth. The Gold Coast tree removal service is provided by the professional and expert Gold Coast tree removal company in the area. They provide complete tree care and Gold Coast tree removal services, so you can be assured that they will take care of your trees and give them the attention and love they need. We offer prompt removal and stump grinding services for all types of trees and stumps. Providing a quality service is our priority and we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

When done properly, tree pruning brings multiple advantages, including the removal of diseased or damaged branches, eliminating obstructing branches, and fostering new growth.


Gold Coast tree removal is demanding and time-consuming, especially when you don’t have professional tools at your service. Instead of focusing on your work or simply enjoying your free time, you will spend several hours doing hard and dangerous work.

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The risk for injury and property damage is major – hazards include slips, trips, falls, punctures and cuts from branches, falling objects such as trees and branches, and risks associated with lifting and holding machinery. Amateurs are trying to trim trees on their own risk, anything from small cuts to serious trauma and death.

Australian worker fatality statistics covering 13 years show that death by falling vegetation was the cause of 2% of all worker fatalities.


Failing to take proper care of the trees on your property through Gold Coast tree removal services may result in liability. Having large, mature trees around your home or office means you are responsible in any of the following situations: when the tree is diseased, when the tree has been damaged by a storm, or when the vegetation on your property intrudes on a neighbour’s property or has grown in a manner that causes danger. On the other hand, when your trees are perfectly healthy but are damaged during a storm, you won’t be liable for resulting injuries or damage, which makes the health of the trees on your property a top priority.

The Professional Tree Works Pty Ltd outfit is covered by 20 million public liability insurance and is experienced and compliant with OH&S legislation applying to all Gold Coast tree removal providers. By calling to our services, you will have access to professional equipment, and your trees will be in excellent condition without putting your safety at risk or causing disruption to your daily activities. Call us now for a free quote at 0412 666 682

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tree Removal Services

Yes, if it’s dead, diseased, and/or storm damage

Depending on the size of the trees and how many are required to be removed. On average small jobs within hours, medium jobs within days, and larger jobs several days.

No, it all can be arranged without you staying at home

Yes, we are insured, refer to our qualification page for all certificates and insurances.

Yes, refer to the QLD Government website for the requirements.

Yes, no job is too big or too small.

Yes, we make the job area cleaner than its original state.