Professional Tree Works provides the complete range of solutions for Gold Coast Root Barrier Protection to damaging and potentially costly tree root and soil moisture movement problems.

  • The client identifies a tree root and/or soil moisture movement problem and contacts The Professional Tree Works.
  • Qualified aboriculturists conduct an on-site inspection
  • Contact all underground service authorities via the One Call Service system and request details of all public and private areas relevant to the job site
  • Service authorities supply plans of all services located at the specific site. These plans and other site details are assembled and carefully scrutinised prior to work commencement
  • On commencement date, install safety barriers for pedestrians and traffic around vehicles, machinery and the work areas
  • The team confirm the location of all underground services with advanced electronic locating equipment, followed by manual excavation and visual confirmation. * Conditions Apply
  • The trench and roots are cut cleanly to a depth and length according to job specifications
  • All root pruning complies with Australian Standards AS4970-2009 Protection of tree’s on development sites.
  • If required, barrier materials are inserted and services are sealed according to job specifications
  • Back fill material is inserted according to job specifications
  • Excess soil is removed and the surface is reinstated according to job specifications
  • The site is cleaned and made safe for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Job specifications are entered into Professional Tree Works database and a job history report (including photographs on client request) is forwarded to the client with the invoice * Conditions Apply
  • Job sheets and corresponding photographs are filed and retained by Professional Tree Works
  • Client feedback solicited and any corrective action taken immediately
  • Green or black polyethylene life – in excess of 20 years (1 – 2 mm thick, 500mm deep or 1.2 metres – 2 metres depth)


  • Qualified Arboricultural consultations and written reports providing – root zone and soil profile assessment, cause of damage, action required and appropriate materials and methods available
  • Tree health assessment, including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of root and soil related pests and diseases
  • We can supply on-site and laboratory root analysis and species identification * Conditions Apply
  • Tree root deflector and barrier installations
  • Soil moisture control barrier installations
  • Preventative barriers for new plantings
  • Tree assessment and management programs
  • The protection of trees and buildings on development sites
  • Root zone preparation to building excavation and construction
  • Roots are cut cleanly with root pruning devices
  • Given Species lateral roots are treated with Trichoderma harzianum, lignorum, koningii.
  • Natural worm extract organic bio fertiliser for all trees
  • Vertical deep watering points for stressed mature trees
  • Air-knife treatments, to alleviate soil compaction where trees are suffering stress, and to inspect tree root structures and growth patterns

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