Tips For Pruning Trees

Most people believe pruning trees is a practice that can be carried out whenever they want, experts believe it is not so. It has been proven time and again that the effects of pruning trees can vary from season to season. In addition, the effects will also depend on the amount of pruning that is being done.

Prune Trees And Cut Trees

When to Prune Trees and Cut Trees?

Generally, pruning trees during early Spring is preferred. According to experts, this is the time when the plants are entering the stage of rapid growth. Therefore, wounds afflicted by pruning will rapidly be healed. Remember, here we are referring pruning trees for growth and not for avoiding diseases or damaged plants. For the latter, you can always prune trees whenever you want, whether it is Spring or Autumn. If you would like to learn more about our pruning and tree cutting services on the Gold Coast, contact us today. Here are some great tips on How To Prune Trees And Shrubs.

Cutting trees and Pruning Trees during Spring and late Winter

In order to provide sunlight to shrubs and grass, it is best to prune the trees during early Spring or late Winter. During Spring, heavy pruning can weaken the tree, as it pushes the tree to consume the stored food for regrowing. Similarly, heavy pruning should also be avoided during late Summer. Again, heavy pruning during late Summer can give rise to lush growth.

Cutting & Pruning Trees

Is Topping Beneficial?

A widely spread misconception is that large trees should be topped. Remember, topping will remove branches with small leaves. In other words, topping leaves behind a lot of open stubs, which can be home to insects and diseases. Moreover, topping can give rise to mass growth soon. These new branches will be weak and will be prone to breakage. Some more information about Tree Topping can be found here.

Topping and Root Problems

Another major disadvantage of topping is that when branches are removed heavily, areas of the root system die because there are no leaves to process food for the root system. Similarly, the dying roots are attacked by disease organisms that can give rise to rotting and other severe issues. Here is some information about the negative effects topping can cause: Why topping hurts trees. 

Tips for Pruning

Remember, inappropriate pruning leads to hollowed trunks. It is always recommended to make pruning cuts near the trunk or a branch. Make sure you are not leaving any stubs, as stubs invite decay. This decay will eat up the entire growth of your tree.

Removing dying branches, trimming limbs that growing towards the centre, cutting narrow angles, eliminating limbs that rub against each other and making cuts close to the branch are some of the recommended pruning techniques.

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  1. I have been around to three tree care services blogs today, and this is the best pruning advice so far. Our own backyard: my husband topped our tree, and all the resultant shoots look ugly and some have some fungus stuff. So you are right.

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