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Wormtec Worm Farming specialises in the unique production, blending and mixing of worm extracts; products which include biological inoculants, trace elements and microbial food activators. The extract is sold as an organic bio-spray for agricultural and home garden applications.
Wormtec’s liquid worm extract contains the living component of worm castings and composts. We extract the beneficial micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes) into a liquid solution after the bulk of the original compost has been removed. The liquid, which still contains the humates, growth hormones, minerals and other components of worm castings and compost, is then packaged into an easy-to-apply liquid.

The liquefied worm extract has many advantages over similar products such as aerated compost tea.

  • There is a much larger quantity of dissolved minerals, growth hormones and other beneficial organisms in the worm extract than that found in an aerated compost tea.
  • Worm extracts have a longer storage life than aerated compost tea.
  • Worm extracts can be produced in large volumes in a very short period of time, whereas aerated compost teas normally need to be brewed for 24 hours.

Using the power of air and water circulation, our Wormtec worm extractor dislodges the beneficial organisms contained in our high grade worm castings or compost into a liquid solution. We have also devised a unique method of forcing the organisms contained in the worm castings into a dormant state before we use this worm cast in our extractor.
On-site field trials have found that better results are achieved by encouraging inactive or dormant soil organisms in our worm extracts. The tests have shown this method to be preferable to applying large numbers of active organisms, which consume oxygen both in the liquid solution and in the soil at application time. The overall effect of this is to push the soil into an anaerobic state which promotes detrimental organisms.
Our aim therefore is to keep as large a number of the micro-organisms contained in our liquid dormant for as long as possible, thus extending the storage time and keeping both the extract and the soil aerobic at application time.

How to apply

  • We recommend applying the beneficial dormant or inactive organisms on your crop, garden or soil and allowing the organisms to be controlled by external stimuli. This can be done by either adding microbial food sources, or allowing the plants to control activation with plant root exudates which works in conjunction with moisture and air temperature. The organisms will then be stimulated to start the work of improving the soil structure. Our trials have shown a far greater survival rate of soil organisms using this method.
  • Our worm extract can be used as a soil drench but we also recommend using it as a foliar spray on roses, fruit trees and vegetable crops. The goal of spraying the plant is to inoculate both soil and plant with as many beneficial soil organisms as possible.

The worm extract is produced from our own worm castings. We control all inputs in its manufacture and can therefore guarantee that it is totally organic; contains a full range of nutrients and minerals and has no negative effects on the environment.
Wormtec Worm Extract is made using a specially brewed and extracted process in contrast to the leachate-type worm farm products that are commonly sold on the market. Leachate products are made from the runoff or waste water from a worm farm, they contain very little soil biological micro-organisms, the vital element required to rebuild degraded soils.
Worm extract is ideal if you need a product to re-build your soil health, help break down heavily compacted soils while inoculating the soil with the full range of soil microbes required too cycle nutrients and minerals. Professional Tree Works specializes in tree care, tree removal, and various other tree-related services. We ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality, and we maintain a low environmental impact.

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