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This is a safetree guide that shows you how to planting within your property ‘powerline friendly’.

Trees and palms that interfere with power lines and safety risk and can interrupt your electricity supply.

You can help avoid the future need for trimming or removal of trees near powerlines by planting away from powerlines, or by planting ‘powerline friendly approved’ plants – which you can identify easily at your local nursery by looking for plants that carry the safetree symbol.

‘Powerline friendly approved’ plants are those that will not grow to within two metres of the main power lines that run along the street.* When it comes to the service lines that connect to your home, the heights vary, so your planting should vary accordingly. Some safetree species grow to four metres in height. Be aware of the power lines around your home when
you position your plants and make sure you check the height they will grow to in maturity.

You will find on this guide:

  1. Safe tree on the internet
  2. Trees and powerlines should never meet
  3. Safe tree planting guidelines
  4. Planting safe trees
  5. Water saving tips
  6. Naturally occurring species
  7. Selecting a safe tree
  8. Exotic garden selection guide
  9. Native garden selection guide
  10. Fruit trees garden selection guide

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