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    Pro Tree works Gold Coast provide you high-quality services in Springbrook by a team of dedicated and skilled workers. To any care your project needs including:

    • Tree Removal in Springbrook
    • Stump Removal in Springbrook
    • Palm Removal in Springbrook
    • 24 hours Tree Emergency service in Springbrook
    • Mulch and Mulching in Springbrook
    • Root Barrier Protection in Springbrook
    • Expert Arborist Consulting Service in Springbrook

    The suburb of Springbrook

    Springbrook is a mountain and plateau located in the Gold Coast hinterland, in South East Queensland, Australia. The highest point, known as Springbrook Mountain extends 990 metres in height, and is covered with subtropical rainforest and small creeks. The area provides an excellent view of the Gold Coast and is known for its cliffs, waterfalls, and forest walks, which are protected exclusively by Springbrook National Park. Access to the eastern Scenic Rim mountain is through Mudgeeraba, along Springbrook Road, and Numinbah Valley via Pine Creek Road. South of Springbrook is the Tweed Range, west is the Numinbah Valley and Lamington Plateau. Also located to the north is the infamous Hinze Dam and the peak of Mount Nimmel. Springbrook was settled relatively late with both the area’s inaccessibility and timber reserve acting as major deterrents. During the 1900s, the area ceased being a timber reserve and became an agricultural settlement. The first group of settlers, including James Hardy, arrived from northern New South Wales and aptly named the settlement Springwood. Following the request of postal officials, the name was changed to Springbrook to avoid confusion with another settlement named Springwood in New South Wales.

    • Population: 659
    • Land Area: 6,156 ha (61.56 km²)
    • Population Density: 0.14 person per hectare

    Source: .idcommunity | demographic resources